Bengal Cats & Children

An ABUNDADOTS BENGAL is a wonderful companion for homes with children. Our cats are socialized early on to the sounds, smell and feel of human contact. They are outgoing, inquisitive, extremely playful and energetic and can play for hours on end. Once playtime is over, they want nothing more than to find a warm accommodating lap for a nice long nap.

As long as your children are taught proper manners, how to be gentle, loving and nurturing, the bond between your children and their pet BENGAL will be life long and devoted. Because the BENGAL is so intelligent, they do hold grudges and will learn to avoid those who treat them unkindly. Children must be taught never ever to hit or strike their pet. It is also important to teach your children that interactive games with any cat should be done through cat toys, feather wands or playing fetch and that hands must never be offered to baby kittens as toys to nibble and wrestle with. Although cute when kittens are small, it can become problematic with older cats as they do not realize their own strength and can cause small nips and scratches inadvertently. It is also important to tell your children that if a cat wants to be put down, to let it go....................hanging onto any cat while it struggles to free itself can also cause the child to become scratched while the cat scrambles to get down.

Common sense, love and understanding will create a lasting bond between your ABUNDADOTS BENGAL cat and it's human playmates.


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