Bengal Cats & Other Pets

ABUNDADOTS Bengal cats are wonderful, smart and social cats. They get along with other cats, dogs, small pets and children. We often get inquiries from families that are concerned about how a Bengal will interact with the family. With the proper introductions, and a little patience, your new Bengal kitten will become a loving and cherished member of any family.

When bringing any new pet into the home, it is important to follow a few simple procedures. Make a room available to the new pet. Set the new kitten up with his own food and water bowls, and litter box. Pick a room that you will be spending some time in so that you can interact with the kitten and make the new pet comfortable while learning about you and the new house. Make sure and give equal amounts of affection between the new arrival and your existing family pets. Let the animals get to learn each other with safety under the door through smells and sounds.

Schedule monitored visits between your existing cat or dog, and your new Bengal kitten. Expect a small amount of resistance, some hissing or spitting or pouncing from either the new arrival or your existing pet. Your pet may see the new kitten as a possible threat to their territory. The new kitten however, is usually scared and feeling lonely and will look to the other pet for assurance and guidance. Each day allow for longer and longer visits until you are comfortable with leaving the new friends together while you are away from home or asleep. Generally, introductions can last from a matter of minutes to up to 3 or more weeks. Friendships do not often blossom over night, but rest assured the winning personality and persistence of your new Bengal kitten will eventually win the heart and love of your other pets.

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