ONTARIO, CANADA placement preferred, but other locations will be considered

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January 1, 2016

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If you are searching for a Bengal to share you home but are on a budget, adopt a retiree:

1) A retiree is a cat that has been used as a breeder. Retiree does not mean the cat is defective, quite the opposite, they are some of the best cats in the breed.

2) There is no mystery about how the cat will mature, you can see their adult coat patterns, colors and eye color. Adult cats may not have the flash and contrast of a Bengal teen.

3) Personality and temperament has developed. Special needs and character traits are honestly portrayed. We have grown to love these cats and want the best homes for them.

4) Retirees are mature adults, young enough to expect many years of love from them.

5) It can take an adult several months to settle into a new home & family. So, love, patience If you might consider giving one of these special cats a loving home, please base your decision not solely on appearance, but through the simple desire to share your life with a very special cat.

They might be too old to climb your curtains, but young enough to climb into your lap. Older cats deserve love too, adopt a senior today and make both your days! :)