Purchasing from Abundadots Cattery

1: Registration form from TICA (for individual kitten registration in your name)

2: Current Health Certificate (International Health Certificate if required)

3: Current Vaccinations for FVRCP

4: Fully dewormed

5: Warranty: 72 hours after purchase plus 2 years for congenital disease

6: Extensive guarantees for Breeder sales provided BOTH parties have signed/initialized copies

7: Health care sheet

8: Samples of food and litter the kitten is used to

9: A new toy

10: Lifetime after sale advice and help

IMPORTANT - Changes to our policy:
Lately, we' have had to rethink our policy on allowing visitors, so we no longer conduct casual tours of our home and cattery. We can send references from former customers, and there is a wealth of information & photos on this website. We must respect the privacy of both our pregnant girls and those with new babies, as they find intrusion into their safe areas quite upsetting. Mothers with newborn babies feel very threatened having strangers come in, and in some cases can be so upset they will hurt or even abandon their babies.

It may seem like a good idea to come visit young kittens to see which one might "fit" you best, but kittens aren't like puppies. Until they are weaned, they focus on their mother and littermates, and they don't readily go to strangers. Cats are much more wary than dogs, and need time to get to know someone before they totally accept them.

ABUNDADOTS is responsible for the health and well-being of these precious little lives. By allowing visitors to come into our nursery area, we are potentially exposing our young babies to disease or bacteria that may be carried on the hands or clothing of well-meaning visitors. Once you've selected a kitten and it is past the risky stage, (their immune system is no longer in jeopardy and the first immunizations have been given), you will then be able to make an appointment to come visit your kitten.

Please understand that we feel this policy is necessary in order to protect our very young and vulnerable babies. We will not risk their health just to make a "sale".

A deposit is used to secure a kitten for you. We do not take deposits on babies that have not yet been born, but we do maintain a waiting list. Once the kitten of your choice is born, a deposit will secure that baby as yours until the kitten is ready to leave us (around 12 weeks old). The deposit may, however, be applied to another kitten should the original kitten become unfit for sale, or buyer is unhappy with the kitten's development. Once the kitten is ready to leave us at 12 weeks, full payment is due (plus any shipping related expenses).

Deposits placed on kittens that are of age to leave, will secure that kitten for one months time, allowing ample opportunity to arrange final payments, shipments etc. Unless previous arrangements have been made in writing,
if the purchaser is not ready, or is unable to take the kitten at this time, a boarding fee of $150.00 per week will be charged, until the time when the purchaser is able to receive their kitten. Kittens/cats will not be released until payments have been received by Abundadots.

Deposits can be paid by:
Interac email money transfer - online banking from your bank account or credit card.
Paypal - through your Paypal account balance or credit card, bank account
Direct deposit to my bank account from your bank account or credit card
Money order by mail


If you want to get on our waiting list, a $200.00 Deposit is required for Pet kittens and $500.00 on Breeder/Show kittens. If we have a particular kitten you want to reserve until the kitten is ready to leave us, we ask for 25% of the kitten's purchase price. Deposits are not refundable

Available – Please inquire about this kitten. We do not hold kittens without a deposit.
Pending – A deposit has been sent, but it has not arrived – kitten still considered available.Reserved – The Reserved - The required deposit has been received and this kitten is no longer available.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell to any individual. We take great precautions in placing our cats and kittens where they will receive the care, love and attention they deserve.


At this time special export permits are required when shipping Bengal cats into and out of the USA. All of our ABUNDADOTS cats and kittens have been imported LEGALLY into Canada with CITES import/export paperwork. To learn more about the requirements for shipping Bengal cats into or out of the USA visit:

The Canadian Wildlife Service web site at:


The US Fish & Wildlife Service at:


To reach Abundadots cattery by mail / courier:
Suzanne Merrill / Abundadots
R.R. # 2
Kenilworth, Ontario
Canada N0G 2E0

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